Seek Help With Your Immigration Concerns

If you are fearful, it is best to see us before the storm.

Immigration officers have been dispatched to help with response and recovery as Hurricane Florence lashes North and South Carolina with life-threatening winds, rain and floods.  But many immigrants who are need of disaster assistance are scared to interact with the authorities.

“In the moment where we are looking at the devastation caused by the hurricane, immigrant families are not able to trust in federal agencies looking out for their well-being, and are not able to seek the support from FEMA because of their undocumented status.  So, right now, we know that individuals who are in the community are facing fear, are facing distrust of federal agencies and are in imminent need of resources and support to come out from the hurricane and the storm.  So, I think that that is just very difficult for community members to have to deal with.”  –Laura Garduño García

We understand that it may be scary to ask, but don’t let your fear of the unknown prevent you from seeking help. Many of our clients gain peace of mind after speaking to us.  If you have concerns about your immigration status, call our office to schedule your initial confidential case consultation.


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